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Solar Potential

Solar energy is everywhere. You may not be able to dig oil or a coalmine in your backyard, but with AICON SOLAR you can take advantage of nature’s largest power source. Every hour the Sun sends enough energy to earth to supply the energy demands of an entire year! It is the single most abundant and accessible energy source of the world.

Generating power with solar panels has never been easier. Solar technology has reached notable growth in the last decades, and every time solar production doubles in size worldwide its cost has been reduced 25%. Just like mobile phones o personal computers, the increase of global adaptation to solar energy leads to greater efficiency y lower costs for consumers.

What do we want to pass on to our future generations? Solar panels generate sound-free and emission-free energy, and are manufactured with almost 100% recyclable materials, i.e. silicon, silver, and aluminum. Additionally, solar panels don’t require any water to operate, a vital part for operations at other industries around the globe.

Solar energy is 100% renewable. Photovoltaic cells can’t produce energy during nighttime and cloudy days can reduce energy production as well, but the sun will always rise. Solar supply is not continuous but it is 100% sustainable in the long run.

Solar energy does not pollute; no harmful gases are released, nor toxins, or any other contaminants. This is perhaps the most important advantage, and the one reason that makes solar energy more practical than oil. Solar energy is also very discrete as no audible contamination is generated either.

Initial up front cost to purchase and install photovoltaic systems is very well compensated with huge savings in the long run. Once the solar panels have been installed, they will continue to produce energy with very minimal additional costs. Technological advances have reduced notably decreased the cost for solar energy. With equipment efficiency increasing and manufacturing costs declining, solar energy will have a more competitive price every day in comparison with conventional energy sources.

Once a solar system is installed, it can last decades with practically no ongoing costs. Majority of renewable energy sources like wind power and hydraulic energy are dependent on turbines to power generators. Solar systems don’t have any moving parts, and the risk of having high cost damages is greatly reduced by that fact alone.

Photovoltaic cells are highly adaptable to a wide variety of implementations and sizes. Solar energy plants use vast photovoltaic arrays for large-scale production, while single cells can be used to provide power to a single bulb or a calculator.

Solar cells are also adaptable in terms of location. One of the biggest advantages of solar energy is its capability to produce energy in remote locations without access to a power grid. The low maintenance costs also allows for installations in uninhabited areas; a great example of this is the use of solar cells to generate energy for satellites orbiting earth.

Small-scale solar systems are perfectly adaptable to the energy needs of your home. Roofs provide a ready-to-use space for solar panels and very easy installations. Increasing the production power is very easy as energy needs increase at home. At a community level, solar systems can be installed on new homes and businesses, ensuring the energy supply meets the energy demand without any unnecessary overage.

Solar Projects


Solar systems represent a safe investment that allows you to control your energy consumption. Our products offer the supply you’ll need and guarantee a return on investment through reduction of your energy bill and through state and federal provided incentives.


Investing in a solar system creates obvious financial advantages and creates a loud and clear image to your clients of your position to reduce carbon emissions and environmental concern. Our products are reliable and combine an economic design with ecological impact.

Large-Scale Production

For large-scale production plants serving local communities, it is important to invest in product that will generate a return. Solar systems represent a great investment opportunity with minimal risk and produce clean sustainable energy.

About Us

We are a specialized business in architecture, Engineering, and Construction of renewable energy systems.

With more than 10 years of experience in the solar industry as a consulting and installation firm, AICON SOLAR is the ideal strategic partner to develop your small, medium, or large scale project. We are a team of visionaries, focused in the development, research, and innovation in the energy industry, specialized in renewable sources.

At AICON SOLAR, we promote investment in energy generation, especially solar energy.

Our vision is to become the leaders in the industry and develop renewal energy solutions for businesses, individuals, and government entities that want to optimize resources in harmony with nature. We offer consulting services backed by a platform of integral services: design, development, operations, commercialization, warranty, and exceptional maintenance.

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